Grade 6

British Columbia


by: Kate Aubin
Home is where your heart is. Home is different for everyone that is why in the first paragraph I will be telling you my experiences and in the second paragraph I will be telling you what home is to me and finally in the third paragraph I will be telling you the difference between a house and a home.

In my experiences home I very different for everyone. Home isn’t always walk on the street I see homeless people and I wonder if maybe they are where you live, home can be on a hill or at the park. Like for me I feel like I’m at home when I ski because it makes me feel happy and safe. When I sometimes happy because that might be their home.

Home is where you feel safe, loved and happy. Home is anywhere you feel important and cared for. Home is a place you want to be and you should be able to be yourself.

Home is very different than a house. A house is just a building if you don’t feel happy it is not your home. Just because you live in a house it might not be your home unless you feel happy. Your home has memories your house has furniture. A house is made of material a home is made of love.

That is what home is to me. As I was writing this I saw that a house is just a building. I thought before I started this that if you lived in a house that was automatically your home, but I was wrong. So I hope you enjoyed my writing. HOME SWEET HOME