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British Columbia


Lacy-rain Paschke
A home is a beautiful place but not all homes are the same. Home to me is somewhere you should feel safe. And house and home are really different if you think about it.
Home to you should feel like a place that is safe. Now home doesn’t have to be your house! Home is a place you can be yourself. home is where you feel happy, home is where you feel yourself at home.
A home you can’t abandon but house you can. A home can be anywhere you are. But a house is just in one place. A home you and change no cost but if you were to change a house it would cost a lot.
A house is just made out of materials but a home you can make out of love and care. you make yourself at home form your heart. A home is where your heart is.
This is what home is to me, home for me might be different for what home is to you. What is home for you.