Grade 5



There is a lot of yelling and arguing with my sister and brother but there is a lot of love and lots of memories in my house. My family gets to come over to hang out, I love my cousins when they come over so we can play video games that we all enjoy. I have one cat, she is a female and we feed her at the end of the day. I love petting her and spending time with her after school. I watch my favourite show on Disney+, it’s called Bizaardvark and I watch it in my bedroom. My sister and I share a room together and it’s not always fun because we have a big age difference. She is also very messy and likes to interrupt me. My brother and baby sister share a bedroom. My brother always makes a mess in there. As I am thinking and writing about myself and my family, I think everyone deserves a cozy, welcoming, loving, and joyful home to live in.