Grade 5

Nova Scotia


Home is where I can lay down on my bed and think, where I feel safe from the outside world and where I can talk about anything important in a place where I feel safe.
It is where I can come home from school and hug my grandparents and have dinner.
Home is where I have the only bathroom I feel safe in and where I can sleep in on the weekends on my bed. When my mom comes home from work and I can hug her after she takes a shower.
Home is where I am safest from Covid too.
I can make special traditional food with my grandparents, play video games with my brothers, and also have some alone time.
I can draw at my desk, relax in my bed, have in my kitchen and play with my friends in my backyard.
I can come home from basketball to a nice hot shower.
I can build out of Lego.
I am very lucky to have a warm and safe house because I know some people can’t afford them.
Home is a place where you should feel safe and shielded from anything else bad in the world.