Grade 5



Now some people probably wonder how does a house turns into a home? Well, love is there waiting for you and you can be yourself and help for your autistic siblings (if you have any). When you are sleeping, you don’t need to be scared anymore because you have a home to keep you safe when you’re in danger and in need because a home can change your life. When you have a home you can put as much stuff as you want like love and memories that come into your home. With a home, you have everything that you need.

Home to me is a place for loved ones and memories and treasures.
Your home keeps a roof over your head and is a shelter for family and friends. Homes will keep you warm when you are cold; a place to be free with quietness and loved ones to surround the table. When the family is around you don’t have to be alone. Home is your heart, comfort, and coziness. A home keeps a family in touch and fills us with joy.
That’s what home means to me.