Grade 4



Home is my favorite place to be.
Being together with my mom, dad and sister,
playing games on our devices,
snuggling in our warm beds,
we are grateful and so lucky.
Home is a place with a roof over it.
Home is a place to be warm.
Home is a cozy thing.

God made us. He helped us and so, we should help others too. Homeless people don’t have a home. They live on the street and have to ask for money. It is dangerous and they might get killed. They want to live a happy life, but they can’t. 3000 – 15000 people are homeless in our city and we can help them get a better life. $10 are donated for each of our stories which is an awesome act of kindness. This money helps build homes for people that need a safe place to live and then they can have a better life!