Grade 4

East St. Paul


Home is almost everything to me, for instance, Home is where you trust your siblings, parents, or guardians. When you have a secret, you can tell someone from your house or if you are having trouble you can trust them they will comfort you. Home is where I believe in myself, home is my passion of family. Home is memories of every second at home is a good memory every memory you make can never be dreadful.
Home is music. It’s a song of life, the beat of love, the best feeling of family and you. Home is what you should respect, because not everybody gets a home. I just can’t imagine not having a home, furniture, food, not feeling safe and love. You really should respect you and actually having a home. Home is where I feel faith in everything. Home is where you feel protected from all the not so nice things out there like bullies. It’s where you can feel free and you don’t have to worry. Home is happiness swishing all around you, happiness can be when you’re blessed with cheerful delight, but it can also be joy, hope and everybody that loves you.
Having a home is like a miracle starting to bloom It’s the best. Home is quiet when I’m reading a book on my bed and all I’m concentrating about is my book while everyone else in my family is doing their things. Home is loud when we have my WHOLE family over for celebrations or even just when my WHOLE family is oat my house.
I hear all the men yelling with either something good or something bad that happened on tv. I also hear all the ladies talking about who knows what and I hear all the kids playing some crazy game.
Home is everything to me and probably to you too. Home is the best thing possible.