Grade 4



There is no place like home. When I am at home, I feel safe and secure. It’s a place where I am loved and cared for. It’s a place to believe in myself no matter what. It’s a place where I can build great memories and to remember them. It’s a place where I can be my own person. It’s a place where I can have someone to count on. It’s a place where I can laugh and learn, where I can find peace, joy and happiness, where I can hope and dream.
My home is special because of parents make our home comfortable for all of us. I feel very blessed and grateful to have a home and a loving family. My family takes care of me, supports me and encourages me to be the best person that I can be. When I come back from a long day of school, I see my family waiting for me. I feel very blessed to have a warm bed to sleep in everyday and to have food on our table.
I can’t imagine how the homeless feel for not having a home to make memories and dream like me. I feel very sad for them and see how difficult life is for them. I hope that one day they can have a home to come home to.