Grade 4



A house is made up of four walls and a roof but it’s not the truth.
A home is a place where I can be me.
A place that is full of wonder.
I call this place home because it’s a place with memories and all, sweet little moments surround my room.
And those little moments that I feel when I step foot in my home. Everyone deserves to have those little moments and call it their own. When I wake up in the morning I hear a sound, the sound of a new day.
I wake up, get dressed and ready to face the world as I walk to school,
I notice not all people have a home, a home to make memories and
see smiling faces so that is how I know one day I will change the world and help everyone that is hurt!
One smiling face can go a long way and with help on my side I know I can do it and people can have a place to stay.
And if you don’t understand let me tell you.
My home can make me feel safe. And when I walk through the door I see smiling faces welcoming me home as I sit at the dinner table, I feel loved and cared for.
We sit together in peace and I feel grateful I feel grateful for all that I have, for my family and friends and my HOME.