Grade 6



Home is like on a warm summer day, when I put the key in the lock and open the door, I fell a warm summer bursting in my face.

My home smells like perfectly baked cookies and freshly made cake with a base of my family’s face.

When you come you feel like your family even if you’re not known well.

Home is where I learned how to fall and get back up even if I fell my home is where I learned no not give up the home has done well by showing me not to care if I fell.

When I fell my home just said get back up don’t cry be strong and follow your heart.

Home is when I come back home, I see my dogs, cats, fish, and when I go play with my dogs outside, I hear their happy bark.

Home is not just a block it a hart warming place where you feel safe and not just fell like you are not safe. A house is so different from a from a home. Home is home. Where you feel so safe. Home is where you come in you should feel belonging and loved.