Grade 6

British Columbia


A home is a place where you can be happy, sad, or be yourself. A home isn’t a home if it’s not filled with love and care. Sit down and spend some time with your family, you will enjoy it. Go to your room and cry if you’re sad, no one will see it. At home, it doesn’t matter how fancy it is, what matters is who you’re with. At home you will feel safe, you will feel loved,and you will also feel warm. Your home acts as a permanent shelter, it keeps you dry from storms, it provides your needs, and it won’t complain. It protects you, and you will also take care of it.

Home is a place where you enjoy your free time. Sit down and talk to your family, they will enjoy it too. Play a board game with your family, they will spend time with you. Play cards with your family, they will laugh happily.

Your Mother who is preparing dinner
Your Father who is reading the news paper
Your Grandparents who are watching TV
Your Friends who are hanging out with you
They are all willing to share their time with you together, so don’t take their kindness for granted.

We watch our house being put together parts by parts: the skeleton, the walls, the electricity, and floor, and all the other furniture. It’s all filled with love and memories. That’s what home means to me.