Grade 4



By: Julia

Home is where I love to be, it’s my favourite place even though it can be messy and dirty it’s still my home and I love it. I love my room so much. My room’s walls are purple, my favourite colour, the theme is white and purple. My room means so much to me. I clean my room daily because I am very grateful for my room and my home. If I did not have a home I would be miserable and tired. If I did not have my house I would live on the street and I can’t imagine how hard that would be. Maybe you like hotels or other peoples houses better than yours, maybe because it’s cleaner, prettier or bigger but a house is where your family is, it’s where you spend most of your time, it’s where you live. I know if I am lost in my neighbourhood I can find my house and I can be warm and safe and I know if I have a nightmare I am safe and nothing will hurt me.
Sometimes you don’t notice how much a home is and how fortunate you are to have one so take the time to be grateful!