Grade 4



By Harry Armstrong
I think home is the most important place to an individual because it is probably the place you grew up in and a lot of your memories are also there, for example, your first word and the first time you walked. To me, home is a place where you can really be yourself. But when you really think about it, it’s not your house it’s your home. And some people don’t have one so I always be grateful for such a nice home I have. The size doesn’t matter, not too big not too small, at least you have one. If I ever moved I would be excited but sad, I would want to stay because of all the memories that I have there. Home makes me feel safe and secure when I’m there. I noticed if I asked my friends what is the most important thing about home it wouldn’t be anything that is personal. Whenever I go on a trip I can’t wait to go back home and go to look at all of my collections, and sleep in my own bed. I love travelling but there is one thing I don’t like and it is not being at home because of my room that I sleep in at night or in the day if I feel a bit lazy or if I’m sick. Another thing I don’t like about travelling is that I don’t have my full amount of clothing that is in my home. The most important thing about my home to me is the people in it and… maybe some of my very important belongings, like my collections and other personal things. That is what home means to me and what I love about it, and why I love it.