Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home is a place where I can keep my personality so I can enjoy myself and have fun. I don’t show my personality around a lot of people only at home. In my Home I’m not the same cause my personality kicks in and I can express myself. I love my Home and could not imagine without it cause I would not feel the same. A lot of people don’t have homes and I appreciate my home very very very much. In my home I feel very loved and safe because my Mom and Dad are always there for me and they care about me to the moon and back.

Home is a place where I can always go and come back and feel like myself again. I trust a lot of people in my community and I feel accepted. If I go and hit someone on their shoulder they know it’s a joke and goes on and does not like to make a big deal about it. I feel good about my community because there’s a lot of nice people who I can trust and rely on. I have a lot of memories with my friends and family. Like one time my great uncle was in a home and was eating an orange and he said I don’t like this orange then his wife said it’s a sunkist apple your favorite after my uncle said well the sun did not kiss this orange.