Grade 6



Home is the place where you feel safe. It’s the place that will make you feel happy and put a smile on our face. You may be scared when you’re alone but you’re never alone. Just know that you’re brave and strong. Just be thankful you have a home that is not on the streets. A lot of people don’t have homes.

Home is a place of support and safety. Some families have great memories, possibilities, warmth, comfort and support! Your family will and should always support you because they love you and they care for you. They want you to be safe. Before I go to bed my mom reads a story to my sister and I. I just lay there and listen. She tucks us in then leaves for us to fall asleep. Every night I say in my head “I’m very happy that I have a bed to sleep in and a tv to watch to laugh at”.

It’s all fun to have a home. I love watching movies with popcorn and soda. My all time favorite is Dr Pepper! You have to be grateful for what you have, what you do and more. You may have an animal that roams in the halls like mine Sammy, Piper, Ashe and Miku! Our parents spend their money to keep us healthy, alive, safe, loved and lots more! They bring us places where others can’t always go because they don’t have enough or either no home.

Some people are worried about life, but everybody should know that God is here to protect us so is Jesus and I know that. I know you do to! Just know that you are loved and safe with in His hands. For example, I’m scared my cat Piper is gonna pass soon my old dog Kneasha passed away. The only memory I have of her is her jacket from the winter to keep her warm. Every night my sister cries thinking she’ll pass away soon, but she won’t, she’s still young and has lots more life to go. I love everybody in my family do you? You should because their the ones that will be there for you when you need them the most. They will protect you as much as they can.