Grade 5



Home, home is a safe place, with jokes that bring lots of laughter and trust. It is also a place where memories can take place and holidays happen such as birthdays. In my home there is a lot of love and things that pass around my household. For example, I get super excited when I get home from school because I get to see my mom, dad, sister and even my pets, Jojo and Jeda which is why I’m very grateful!!

You should also be very, very grateful that you have a house to sleep, eat and take care of yourself because some people can’t. Some people can’t afford the prices of houses and warm living! I feel really bad for the people who can’t take care of themselves because they don’t always get to experience love, peace, celebrations, and feel safe. I understand that for many getting a house is not easy, but it makes me so sad just thinking about it because everyone, no matter what deserves a roof over their head!

One of my favourite things that happens at my home is when it’s a holiday the whole family gets together and I get to spend time with all my cousins, play board games and just enjoy the moments together! When most people think of home they think of family, comfort and love but when I think about home I think of, love, peace, memories, support, trust, and safety. Somedays I worry that someone I love a lot will pass away but I think that if they do, I will still have all the memories of them in my home and that God will take good care of them! When I get to laugh with my family in my home I feel safe and secure just knowing that the people I’m around love me. And that is what home is to me