Grade 5



When I think of home, I think of love, family, shelter, and protection. It makes me feel very happy I have a roof over my head. It makes me feel very happy I get to come home to the people I love, it makes me feel very happy I get to come home to my mother’s homemade meals that make my tummy warm. It makes me feel very happy I get to come home to my fatherś excitement, and it makes me feel very happy I get to come home to both of my brother’s compliments. Home is a place like a wonderland and you get many many tickets that never end and the rides surprise you as you experience it! It makes me feel sad when I see homeless people on the streets. It honestly breaks my heart that they are struggling when most of them don’t deserve it. Home is full of memories either bad or good memories, but that’s what helps you get through it! Because whatever area you see it could remind you of that memory. Home is a place filled with love and comfort. Whenever there’s a storm with hard rain your home is there to protect you with a roof over your head, strong walls, everything! I get movie nights pretty often and it brings my family and I many laughs. It makes me sad every time I move houses because it had good memories and it was a good home. My home has my bed that’s warm and my bed is cozy. It’s what helps me sleep all night with good dreams. I feel protected by my family but I also know that God is by my side to protect and take care of me. I remember when I was younger on rainy days my brothers and I would build forts with our couch and take out the seatings and play. My mom and I would go shopping and do girl things all the time when I was younger. My father would always take me out to restaurants and look out for me. And that’s called memories, bonding, and friendship. My home means many things but it will always mean family, love, shelter, and protection. I hope that others are grateful for their home and I hope they are helping out others letting them experience home themselves because I’m sure that’s all they wished for the whole time.