Grade 4

Nova Scotia


Home is where people live
Home is where people eat
Home is where people sleep.
But what dose home mean
To me? Home is where my
Family lives and where we
Love, eat, sleep, its where we
are special, its where we are
Cozy, home is where you see
your family and friends. Your
Home is special and peaceful
to you and your family. Everyone
needs a home to live in. Home
Is where you get hugs from
Your family. Home is where
I feel safe, I feel warm, home
is where you have memories
Home is where you care and
Your family cares. Home is
where my family is full of
happiness. Home is where
the light lives. Home is where
you learned to get up when
You fall. Home is where your
hopes never end.

Home is a place where
Can call their own.
A place where hope never
Everyone Deserves A Home Just Like Mine!