Grade 6

Newfoundland and Labrador


Home, a warm, cozy and loving place. A place where you can cry and laugh at the same time. Somewhere where you feel safe, loved and healthy. A place where family is not far. Where you can be yourself whether your quiet or loud.

A place where love and kindness is worth more than anything. Where your beautiful no matter what you look like. A place with purpose, and honesty.

I just wish every family could feel the same warm, safe, and cozy feeling I do when I’m home. I just love when I walk in and see the big family painting. It makes me feel loved.

The smell of supper on the stove makes me feel so happy that I have people that love me. It also tells me how lucky I am to come home from school everyday and have a big delicious supper for me to eat almost ready.

I’m so grateful to know after a great day at school with my friends I have a home to go to and a meal to eat.

Home, a place where I feel relaxed and where I am not afraid to sleep because I have a warm cozy bed and a roof over my head.

There’s no place like home.