Grade 6

British Columbia


If a home were a tree
A branch I would be

What is home to me?
Is it a house that unlocks with a key?
Is it the place that I’m meant to be?

Do I even know what a home is?

Maybe I don’t, maybe I do
Maybe I’ve known for a year or two.

A home is not house
A home isn’t just a thing

A home is a feeling
And where you want to sing

A home is full of family and pets
A home is happily so

Maybe a home is worth much more
Than wherever you could go

A home for you
A home for me

Somewhere nice
Where you’re meant to be

A home for living

→ So, a home, in my mind
Is one of a kind

For each creature and each thing
It’s worth more than any ring

It’s where we belong
And sing our own song

My home, for me.