Grade 6



Home. Home is a place everyone deserves to be. Like you and me. Your home is safe, more than any other place. So be grateful you have a home because some people don’t. If you don’t have a home, you’ll be very sad so be glad you have a home. Home is warm, it’s where you can enjoy a delicious cob of corn. The love that you’ll get from your family is lucky, and a clean water bath with a rubber ducky. You get delicious meals in your home, outside you don’t get meals without deals. The homeless, outside are cold in the winter but in your home, not even a jitter. In your home you can watch tv, warm and cozy, with your family. The memories in your home will lead you to treasuries. BE THANKFUL you have a comfy warm bed and you don’t sleep in a rusty old shed. BE THANKFUL you have warm cozy clothes and not a freezing red nose. BE REALLY THANKFUL you have a roof over your head because some people don’t even have a bed. In your home you don’t feel pain, but some people are outside in the cold rain. In your home your family doesn’t judge you because they’re there to love you. In your home you can play all day. In your home you’re having fun colouring but outside, homeless are suffering. We all need to help and be kind to the homeless. Don’t show attitude and be rude. Think of all the people who don’t have a home, they probably feel so alone. Home is a place where you get support and you don’t get called “short”. Home is a place where you can celebrate traditions and believe in whatever you want. It’s YOUR home, not a dirty old stone. I FEEL SO BAD for the people who can’t afford a home and just get ignored. No one deserves to be on the streets. WE ALL deserve homes. HOME is where you feel warm, cozy, supported, full of laughter, loved and lots more. So pray for the homeless because all they feel is coldness. That’s what I think of home.