Grade 4

St Thomas


Home home is a place where you see your family.
Home is a place where you live and stay cozy.
Home is awesome and warm and where you love your family.
Home sleeping in your bed to watching TV and you´ll always see your family.
It might be big, it might be small but it is still your home.
You’ll love your family, you’ll love your home. It is nice and warm and you’ll always love your home.
Home is where you invite friends and family to nice holiday dinners.
Home is where you put your food.
Home is awesome and never regret living in it.
Home is the place where you have fun.
Home is where you play in your backyard.
Home is where you squirt your water guns in your backyard when it’s hot.
Home is a place that you’ll never forget.
Home is the best spot in the world.
You will remember every special thing in your home.