Grade 6



When we are young, our home is a place where we can stay and not worry about the evil and horror of the outside world. Our home is where we learn to walk, learn to talk, and learn to write our names. Home is where we do the dishes and laundry. Home is where our younger brothers and sisters annoy us. Home is where you play board games with our family and lose or win. Home is where we learn how to cook our favourite meal. Home is where we keep our favourite things.
This is what I think when I am asked what a home is.

Home is not available for all.
Some people can’t afford a home.
Home is where we help those who don’t have all these things that happen in our homes.
Those people need people who can donate their time and money to building homes for those who are living in homes that are unsafe or in an unsafe location, or for people who are homeless that don’t have much at all.