Grade 5




Glad to be back home again,
Glad to see my family and everyone who watches over me.

Glad to be where smiles aren’t measured
All the joy the soul has treasured

It’s where I learned to walk and talk.,
It’s where my key unlocks.

And here with my family is the only place I want to be.

A home is where we live and thrive,
A place where we live our lives.

It is precious no matter how big or small.,
It dosen’t matter how short or tall.

It gives me warmth and shelter from the dark time ahead.
This home protects me from all the bad weather.

My home
Our home is where I want to live forever.
Homes are special to you and me.

We are grateful for our homes but I would just like to tell you all,
That a home is a place you should be able to call your own.