Grade 5



My home is where I can be myself and be accepted even if I do something bad. My family will always be there for me and if they make a mistake I will be there for them. Even if my sister messes up I may get mad but I will still love her no matter what. We may get mad at each other but whatever happens, we will always be family.

You make memories at home even if they are sad. They could be of your brother falling down the stairs. It could even be your sister not feeling her best. Memories are what make a house a home. So never forget your beautiful memories.

If you have a mother or a brother you will always have love and never forget that. Love is what makes you a true family. Even if you get hurt you will always have love to cheer you up. Whether you are big or small you still have the same amount of love.

When I get older and move out I will still remember the home I grew up in. I will make my house into a home that has so much love and memories but for now, I am in a home that loves me and I love them.