Grade 5

Sherwood Park


Home is a place that you live in at a time of your life that you always come back to. Your home can change if you “move” or, “move out” of your parents house or switch from your apartment to a house. If you have to live somewhere for a while you can call it home, so it basically means that if you go on vacation and stay at a hotel that the hotel is not your home because you’re probably not going back there because you only lived in it for awhile.

My home is where I’ve lived for 9 out of 10 years of my life and have come to know where everything is. I’ve had a home all my life and only moved out of an apartment when I was 1 and can’t even remember it. My home is also where almost all of my possessions are and all of my important ones. My home is home to some of my parents most treasured memories and some of mine too. My home is one of my favourite things and most prized things I’ve been allowed to use and live in. My home is my favourite home.