Grade 6

Thunder Bay


The word home means to me somewhere where
you can find happiness, when you can find love in
a place, where you find relaxation, where you
make memories, and where you feel safe. I feel
happiness in a home because when you’re happy
then you make great memories you can have fun
with happiness if you have friends then you can
have fun with them. When you feel relaxed in a
home then you’ll love the place and with that then
you will probably do more relaxing activities like
fishing or like kayaking stuff like that. When you
feel safe in a place then you’ll most likely call it
home, and a home to me is somewhere where you
can be safe. When I make memories I think it all
starts from one place and that place to me is my
home. When I take a picture I print the picture then
hang it on a wall in my house. When I find love in a
place it makes me feel like I belong in that place, it
makes me feel relaxed, happy, safe, it’ll help me
make great memories, and it’ll make me feel like I
can do anything with my home.