Grade 5



When I think of a house I think of stuff that can be replaced but when I think of a home I think of my family that can not be replaced.

To me home is a feeling you get when you hear the chip bag open on hockey night in canada. If you have a house you have stuff but no love. If you have a home you have a loving and caring family that helps you everyday. To me home is when your parents are cheering you on to do great and cheer you up anytime you get a bad mark. If you are rich but have no family on the outside you are happy but on the inside you are lonely.

When everyday you go to school besides holidays and other things you feel a sigh of relief when you get home and just have time to spend with your family in your home. Your house is a place but your house is a feeling that you feel only when you know you are safe because no matter what your family will protect you.

If you have not much stuff but a loving family you still have a home.