Grade 5



Let’s talk about what home means. Is it just somewhere you sleep? Or is it somewhere you feel safe? Today I’m here to talk about what home means to me, and what it looks like.
Home to me, is a place where you feel safe and cozy. Somewhere you want to be, or want to go. Home is a place where you are supported, and all your fears are melted away. Where you are laughing and having the time of your life. It’s like your safe zone.
Like I said your home can be anywhere you feel safe. Maybe you feel safe in a cave, or one room, home can be anywhere. Somewhere you feel cozy. If you’re home in some way doesn’t suit you or you don’t like it and it’s not fixable, it’s not a good home for you. If your home is somewhere you feel is your safe zone, then you’re in the right place.
Now, let’s say your friends are having a big sleepover, you go. Missing home is a good sign that you like it there. Having a home you really like and if you were gone you would miss isn’t a bad thing at all. Actually, that’s a good thing. it’s good that you miss home because now you know you love it there and loving your home is a great thing. Just don’t love it so much that you never leave, being outside with fresh air is really good as well.
Ever felt like no one cares about your opinion or ideas, your wants and needs? I hope you have someone in your life to support you! Support, you need it! Or else everyone is just going to push you down when you want the top. You need those people in your life. Family in your house needs to be supporting. If they are not and they don’t care, that’s not a good home for you and you know it! Pick the people in your home wisely.
I believe your Surroundings Builds You Up, or knocks you down. Your home should be filled with happy and calming energy. It’s healthy to laugh and be peaceful. If you want in your house and you Automatically are filled with happiness, know that’s amazing, not too many people have that.
So your home should be somewhere you feel safe, and that can be anywhere. somewhere you want to be, with people you want to be around. With calmness and happiness in the air. That’s what home is to me.