Grade 6



Home to me is not the size of house you live in, but home to me is family. You don’t always have to live in a big house or have a lot of material items, but as long as you have family around that love you, that is what matters most and that is what home means to me.

Some people think that home means having everything that you want inside your house,but I don’t. I don’t always get everything that I ask for from my family and I may not have a family that comes from money, but I do have a family that loves to spend time with me and they do their best to take me places.

Home is where you make memories with your loved ones, where it is ok to make mistakes, make a mess and home is where you start off learning how to be a good human being and this is where you are first taught how to navigate through life.

In my home, I live with my mom. I also live with my dad at his home. In my home my parents are not together, but even though they aren’t together, I still have two loving parents in separate homes.