Grade 4



What is your vision of a loving home? Mine is where my family comforts me when I’m down or sick. Home is where you can make mistakes and not get yelled at. It is also where you learn manners. It is where you can be yourself without having anybody bother you. This is one fact about homeless people in Ottawa (2018) there were 7350 homeless people.

Home is where memories are made, like when you first learn how to skate. As well as the first time you ace a quiz. It is where you turn one, two, three and many more years to come. But the best memories of all are when you have had a bad day and your parents come to comfort you.

Home is essential for everyone, but some people think it is better to live on the streets. It is where you grow up and make friends. It is also where you can dream, use your imagination, play with your family and have your alone time. Your home is your safe place where you can cry, have fun and even do whatever you want. I think my home is as safe as a bunker and can withstand any kind of attack, that is pretty safe.

You call your home a home, but people who drive by call it a house because they don’t live there. My home is where I do many things. What do you do in your home?