Grade 5



What does home mean to me? Home is a place where I feel safe and where I can feel comfortable. Home is where you can be yourself and not feel embarrassed.
You shouldn’t call the house that you live in a home unless it’s a place where you feel safe, where you can be comfortable and where you won’t feel embarrassed. If you don’t feel comfortable in your home, you won’t be able to be silly, have fun or relax. You have to find somewhere you can be yourself. If you feel uncomfortable in your home then don’t call it your home.
If you don’t have a bedroom in your home then it might not feel like home to you. If you have to share a room or a bed then you may not feel like it’s home because you won’t have the space to spend time by yourself or concentrate on homework or reading a book. But if you do share a room or a bedroom and you still feel like you’re comfortable then it’s your home.
You might feel like you don’t want to move if your parents tell you that you’re moving houses. You might not feel like the new house will feel like home to you and that’s okay. Eventually when you move into the house and you get to decorate your space however you like then it will make you feel more comfortable and your new house will become a home.
A house becomes a home when you spend time decorating it and getting used to it. When you bond with your family in a new house, it becomes a home.