Grade 5



To me, a home means a good place to live in with basic needs and necessities, no rent, and a very stable house or apartment to make the perfect house.
First, a home is a comfortable place to live in whether it’s a normal type of house or an apartment. Not every family can afford a comfortable home which is not fair. A home should have all of the things you need to be safe and comfortable. Everyone should have a nice home where they can be comfortable or they will feel like switching their home.
Everyone should have a home that is big enough for their family. If they don’t have a big enough home for their family, they can run out of space. This might feel squished and uncomfortable.
A home should be a safe place where the house is strong and people feel protected when they are inside. If people don’t have a safe, stable home they might be scared or worried.
In my opinion, a home should be a place where you feel safe, comfortable, protected and where you have the space your family needs.