Grade 6

west kelowna
British Columbia


They say home is where the heart lies,
A safe place to watch the sunrise.
My home represents opportunity,
It rests in a safe small community.

Without a home death is on your plate.
Sadness fills you as you start to deflate.
But don’t you cry you will always be home,
Home will find you when your all alone.

Warmth, calmness and joy awaits you inside.
As you open the door it fills you with pride.
A house is like a heart.
Full of love,support and abstract art.

A house is more then a place to sleep.
A house is hard to get it doesn’t come cheap.
You can be free without fear of getting hurt,
Your home is a clean place where there is no dirt.

Every home is one of a kind,
Its very unique and carefully designed.
When you think you have come to an end,
Look to your side there is always another bend.