Grade 4



Home. Home is a place where my family is brought together. It is a place where my family shares our feeling if you are very mad, super sad or frustrated. When you are at home, you can celebrate your birthday, Christmas, Christmas eve and lots more. Home is peaceful when I am reading a nice book and my dad is reading the newspaper, my mom is working on the computer and my brother is playing with Lego downstairs. Home is very loud when we have friends and family over to watch the hockey game and there are chips crunching and people loudly cheering when the hockey team gets a goal. I am very glad to have a safe home and food because if not, I would not be a happy child. When there is lots of family and friends around me, I feel like I am at home. Even if you are at school, a store or even a playground, you can feel like you are at home. At home you can learn a lot of things. Lots of things you can learn are how to read, about your family, your manners, and how to do lots of different things. I hope you know how much I love my home.