Grade 6



A home changes from a house to a home when all your stuff goes in and your family’s there. Also a home is your home because it’s different from someone else’s and you always go back to it.
Home is a spot that you come back to. You live there and you go back there at the end of the day. When you’re on vacation, at the end of the trip you go back to your home and it always feels good to be home.
I think a house is different from a home. A home can be anything or anywhere and it has your things and your family. A house can be someone else’s and a home is yours.
Homes look different around the world. Your home probably looks different than your neighbour’s. Some are big, some are small. A home could be an apartment building or an actual house. It could be in a spot that’s hot, while others could be in a spot that’s cold. That could make your home different from someone else’s.
A home is a place that can be different from someone else’s and it’s a place you always go back to. If you didn’t have a home to go back to, you might feel lost with nowhere to go.