Grade 5

Upper Rawdon
Nova Scotia


WOW! You love your home right? But there are some people without homes. But were not going to talk about that. I’m gonna talk about what home means to me. Now let’s talk about the meaning of home.

Family is important to me. Family helps you when you fall. Family comforts you when your sad. Family takes away your worries. My dog is kind. My dog is brilliant. My dog is cute. My dog is curious. She completes the family. Family means the world to me.

Memories make us into who we are. Some can be curious. Some can be sad.Some can be funny. But they all shape us into who we are.

Well now that you’ve read this do you think the same of the words home and house? Try to get people without a house a home. Home and house don’t mean the same thing. Home might be sad but it’s still home. A home can be anything you make it.