Grade 5



My home is where my stuff is. I have a dog, a cat and my siblings My parents. Home is where I can talk to them when I need them. Home is where we have warmth and comfort of our family and friends. Home is where my feelings roam wild like a lion in a savanna. My bed is the home for my dreams at bedtime. Home is where the coyotes yip at you at a blazing fire.

Soon you consider home as a place for you to always be. But you have to make changes as well. You have to adapt to different surroundings in order to live a good life. Like a koala sleeping, they sleep a lot but they have to wake up. Home is not a house. It could be. A house is a roof and walls around you, a home could be a tent or camper. But you should always be focused and happy with what you have rather than what you want. I feel sad that some people don’t have stuff that I have. I pray that the poor will be wealthy and that us citizens help do it. I hope every person on earth has a chance to be wealthy. I would give up all the stuff I don’t need and give it to people that might need it. Homes should be for everyone houses are also great. Everyone deserves what I have. We all should be focused on the real world not on electronics. Homes are where you can have meals, sing, play. Everyone deserves a home.