Grade 5



Home is where I can express my feelings,
Without being embarrassed at all.
Without home what would keep me up so I wouldn’t fall?
Home gives me protection when I need it the most,
It acts like an ocean and I’m the coast.
I need it, and it needs me,
Because if we were separated then how could we live separately?
When I get home I go to see,
What my mom prepared for me.
I go to my bedroom to go and read,
I get sucked in the story and take the lead.
I then eat supper with mom and dad,
We talk about how our day went and if we were sad
I think to myself what a wonderful home I have.

Home is safe and cozy,
Because when I am here my cheeks go rosy.
It’s a wonderful sight,
When I’m here everything goes right!
When I’m not home the air’s all cloudy,
But when I’m home I breathe fresh air and yell, HOWDY!!
I have a mom, a dad, and a brother,
But my brother can sometimes be a nutter.
I think to myself what a wonderful home I have.