Grade 6



I will be sharing what home means to me. I hope you enjoy it! Home to me is like being in the one place that I know will give me love and support, you can say that it’s like school you can do many activities at home and in school. Home is a place that can guarantee you happiness since everyone that goes in and out of your home is someone that can give you happiness, it doesn’t have to be parents or relatives, it can be someone that was hired to fix the plumbing in your home or maybe someone that can fix the electricity. It doesn’t matter with what they do, as long as they do something that keeps you happy and that makes you trust that person, you will like home more. Sure, some bad things can happen at your home, but no matter what happens, you will probably end up happy. That’s all I have to say and that I’ve thought about, I hope you enjoyed what I wrote. Goodbye!