Grade 6



Home means a lot to everyone, if you don’t have a home you don’t have shelter you are not safe, because everybody needs shelter because of some weather conditions it is dangerous outside, it would be very hard to keep up with weather conditions if you don’t have a house, if i didn’t have a house and I had to stay outside or in somebody else’s home it would be very hard for them to help me and take care of themselves, that’s why I’m thankful for the house i have and i don’t have to live outside when it gets very cold but for the people that do i feel bad for them and hope that they find a place to live and hope they find people that help the Habitat For Humanity because they have help over 420 families build back the strength they need to move forward in life. My home is a lot to me and that’s why I’m thankful for it, because I have a place to sleep and to eat and to do a lot of other things. I have always felt bad for the people that have had to sleep on the streets. I would always want to give them things Habitat For Humanity is very helpful for the people who need homes, so it’s good that people are volunteering to help build homes for people in need, it’s nice of how people are taking time out of their days to help people. All that i have to say is i’m thankful for my home.