Princess Thalia

Grade 5

British Columbia


Home ~ Having a home feels spectacular. Even though there is really bad weather outside you still feel secure and loved. Home is where you feel welcome. You always feel safe. Even if you are not as wealthy as others, you are still with your family under a roof. No matter how hard life can be, you still feel lucky you have a home. Imagine how hard it could be without your family and how hard it could be to live outside. Even worse, there could be a hurricane or it could be snowing! Imagine thousands of people in the cities begging for food and not having a home.

Everyone has a life and passes away one day. Everyone has different experiences of having a home or not having a home. So don’t treat people differently for not having what they don’t have because you don’t know what they have been through in their life.

My home is a feeling more than a place. Home is like where I feel happy and I spend time with my family. Home is where I grow and home is where I’m not afraid to express myself. I grew up in a really beautiful home. Even if it is not big it’s still home to me. Home is everything I would dream of having if I didn’t have a home.