Grade 4

New Brunswick


Home is where memories are born. Home is where you can learn life skills. I am lucky to have a home to stay in. Home is where I feel safe.
But some people don’t have a home and food. I hope that one day everyone has a home and food. Everyone deserves a home. Home is for everyone. Home is for people to feel welcome, not rejected. Home is for everyone, not just people with money. It should be equal, and it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor. Everyone needs a home.
Everyone should feel the meaning of home. It is important to have a home, even if it is a box on the side of the road or a mansion in Hawaii. If that is your home and you love it and you respect it. that is your home. Everyone needs a home. Everyone should have a home. People start to get greedy and disrespectful and getting the next best thing.
We need to help people with no homes. Everyone needs a home. The people without a home need one. One day everyone will have a home and I know that because people with a home and extra money will help those people without a home. Home is a place to feel safe. Home is a place to hang your hat. That is the meaning of home.