Grade 6



Home. When people ues the word Home they mostly think of a wall and a roof. They don’t realize what the word actually means. Home is the place where you feel safe its a place where you shouldn’t fear. Home is the place where you come home from school and give your mom a hug when something goes wrong. Its a place where you have a shoulder to cry on.

Memories are also part of home. Home is the place where you hold almost all of them. Its the place where you might have been playing baseball and broke the window, to afraid to tell your parents. Or you it might have been the place where you were making banana bread and spilt all the flour but laughed it off. Home holds most of your memories no matter if its good or bad but its the place where you made some of your frist memories.

Love is also part of your home its where your parents are or maybe your siblings. You might have gotten into a fight with your sister or dad but you will always love them. Home is where your love ones are no matter if its a dog or a fish or maybe even someone on a phone call but where you feel loved you can call home. Home isn’t just a wall and a roof its also a place where you feel loved.

Home is where you feel loved its where you had one of your first memories. Home is the place where you come home form school and see your mom your dad and maybe your sibilings and hang out with them after a long day. Home should be a wonderful and peaceful place.