Grade 6

British Columbia


A home is where love should bloom,
Blossoming like a spring rose.
With happiness and no gloom,
Warmth spreads from hands to toes.

My home is full of loving looks,
My home is full of hope and care.
Corners filled with toys and books,
This is the atmosphere we share.

My home holds years of stories,
Each wall owns a memory.
There is lots and lots of glory,
It also holds apologies.

When I return after a day of storm,
My fears are cast away.
My family showers me with warmth,
Loving without delay.

The hardest choice I have to make,
Is chocolate or vanilla?
Tea or cake?

Some people out there,
Don’t ever get to eat.
Filled with despair,
They need a place to sleep.

A home is somewhere,
You are loved and embraced.
A home is your everywhere,
It can not be replaced.

We should all live happily,
Care blanketing our lives.
I am thankful to be,
One with a home to survive.

A house is not a home,
A home is a different space.
In a house you can feel alone,
Home is a different case.