Grade 6



Home is a place where you go and grow.
It’s a place where you cry, yell, make mistakes and learn from it.

Home is not a home if you just automatically say it’s my home now. A home is where your adventurers started and ended off.

Home is not just a place, it is a key to a new life and family, it’s a place where you take your first steps, where you made the memories and where it all started.

The roof and four walls aren’t supposed to make it feel like home, it’s supposed to make it feel safe and clean. A home is where you make memories and leave it all behind and make new ones with your family.

Home is a guide to help you make a new family and do new things with them.

Home is a start to a new life and a new family where secrets are kept and locked in the house. That’s where all the family secrets are.

Home is where you make memories and where everything starts and ends and at the end of the day it will always be worth it.