Grade 4



My home make me comfortable and cozy. It have a roof walls when I come home It makes me comfortable even when im tired my home make cozy and thats why i love my home. I love every thing about my home. Home is where you have dinner and enjoy with your family members home is warm and comfortable and quite and very relaxing. I dont like my basement its so cold. when im at home i love that i can do any thing i want to do and it can be chilling and comfortable nothing to worry about i love my home in every way no matter what when im i dont have to worry about wearing mask.My home have some comfortable beds my is very cozy and warm every day after my shower I love lying in my bed. I like watching television in the living room in blankets or in front of the fireplace.when i come in i like to wash my hand then play with my baby brother . Then watch tv then eat dinner.THE END