Grade 6



What home means to me is, my parents are supportive when I choose what I’d want to be when I’m older, loved, safe it’s where I can see my family and my brothers and where i’m loved. My home is where I grew up there and where my family and I have so many memories in my home. My family loves me for who I am both of my brothers and I love to draw. My brothers love it when I express my feelings when I’m at home. I can get my anger out instead of showing it to the people around me. I dislike it when people see me get my anger out so I’d do it at home and get it all out. My home is my happy place it’s where I can chill and let my emotions get out when I’m at home I like to write stories in my home you can see the woods it makes me feel happy, I love my home because I get to see my brothers when they come down and my grandfather sometimes comes over to see me when I’m home.I love it when my family comes over because I never see them that much anymore so when I’d do see them I’m happy because I miss them. My home means so much to me. It’s where I can work on my homework stories for school and for fun at home. The meaning of home for me is a place of kindness, caring, and joy. These are the things that are the meaning to home for me.