Grade 5

windsor ON


Home is where family is where you feel loved.

Home is where you feel calm and where you can sleep knowing you’re safe even without loved ones around you.

Home is where you can be yourself.

Your home saves memories with one glimpse of the bathtub or sink. You can see your younger self having a bath or washing dishes in your vivid memories.

Home is where you can sit down and not be scared of your surroundings; where you don’t need to worry about your life at risk.

Home is where you won’t be ashamed of the color of your skin or where you won’t be discriminated against for your gender or laughed at for your pronouns or for who you like; where you won’t be scared to be gay, bi, or trans or where you won’t be ashamed for having a flag of some sort.

Home is not just under a roof and home doesn’t always have walls. The meaning of home to me is feeling loved and not being scared of who may not like you for something you can’t control.

That’s what home means to me ❤