Grade 6

British Columbia


A home is where you feel loved,
Caressed and cared for,
Never hit or shoved,
Welcomed through the door.

Some don’t have a special place,
Nowhere to call home.
Bad memories to erase,
All they do is roam.

I am grateful,
To come home everyday,
To a family that cares,
A home that holds prayers.

At home,
Love should be a freedom,
Everyone is welcome.
Nothing said is mean,
Respect doesn’t go unseen.

In my home I am free,
I can touch the clouds.
At home care blankets me,
The love clear and loud.

My home is a shelter,
Safety from a storm.
A loving family,
to keep me warm.

When I come back,
From a long, troubling day.
I know my family is,
Ready to guide my way.

So much more than a building,
A home is where hearts mend.
You all have opinions,
That’s the message a home sends.